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The WinchPharma Group

We are a healthcare company. We develop new and innovative ways to make staying healthy as easy, affordable and accessible, to as many people as possible.

Our mission is to improve the standard of living of people around the world, by providing medical companies and healthcare institutions with a greater capacity to deliver profitable, affordable and accessible healthcare.

About our core business

We operate a number of businesses within healthcare, medical and cosmetics; with a mission to deliver a higher quality of life that is easier, cheaper and more accessible. The medical and consumer healthcare products that we develop help conserve quality of life, by improving the way we stay healthy and active; with an aim to make it easier to do so. Our products and services are recognised by a wide range of credible clients such as the NHS, high street retailers and social care institutions.

Our environmental and moral responsibilities

iconography enivronmentWinchPharma is a professional and environmentally conscious organisation, which acknowledges the impact that our operations may potentially have on the environment.  The clear objective of our company is to minimise any impact on the environment by implementing a strict environmental policy across our company and its partners.

As a business, we need to behave in a sustainable way so as to deliver value to all stakeholders. Delivering profit to shareholders through meeting society’s medical needs, in a way that is affordable and accessible, ensures that everyone’s objectives are aligned, in a sustainable and scalable way.

Corporate Governance

In order to operate a successful business, we have groups of key individuals who manage defined areas of our works to ensure that efficiency and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. The Board is accountable to shareholders for ensuring that WinchPharma is appropriately managed and achieves the strategic objectives that it sets itself. They carry out its responsibilities through a programme of six meetings a year approving several financial and operation agendas.

The Board reviews WinchPharma’s internal risk management policies and approves the governance structure and code of conduct. It also appraises and approves major financing, investment and licensing decisions, and evaluates and monitors the performance of the group, adjusting its strategy definition and execution procedures accordingly. Explore our governance structure and read our statement from our board of directors.

The Board of Directors

Explore our management team and review each of our directors and managers.