• 13 MAR 17
    Byotrol plc acquires WinchPharma’s hand hygiene division

    Byotrol plc acquires WinchPharma’s hand hygiene division

    Byotrol plc. (BYOT:LSE), a blue-chip chemical company, agrees deal to acquire WinchPharma’s clinical hand hygiene division – including licensing its alcohol-free hygiene brand; Athenian Hygiene.

    Byotrol plc., a blue-chip chemical company based in Thornton, Chester agreed in March 2017 to acquire WinchPharma’s clinical hygiene division for £114,000. The Athenian Hygiene brand has become the leading alcohol-free hand sanitiser brand within the NHS after WinchPharma was awarded the contract back in 2013/14. Byotrol had been in talks with WinchPharma for some time following the win, having been a major, supporting supplier throughout.

    The brand is available in over 140 NHS Trusts up and down the country. It is used by over 1,000 medical professionals on a daily basis and is used as a standard in 5 NHS Trusts.

    Nathan Winch, CEO at WinchPharma commented,

    “I’d always been in touch with David; we had a good relationship from the start. They [Byotrol plc.] were instrumental in providing the technology required to make this project a reality… “

    He added,

    “We will continue to work with Byotrol in maximising the value within the NHS.”

    David Traynor, CEO at Byotrol plc. commented,

    “We have had a good relationship with the owners of WinchPharma as suppliers to them of small quantities of technology product.

    This transaction allows us instant and direct access to the growth in non-alcohol personal care products in the healthcare market and beyond. It also ensures that existing customers of WinchPharma will see continuity of supply and a pipeline of high-performance, innovative new products to fit within the new biocide regulatory landscape.”

    The products are available on NHS Supply Chain and have just been awarded a second contract term. Athenian Hygiene infection prevention and control is the leading alcohol-free brand in the NHS, by sales route demand and standardisation.

    WinchPharma have also agreed a 7 year licensing deal with Byotrol plc. for the Athenian Hygiene brand. WinchPharma continues to operate in the consumer and clinical healthcare environments, focusing on disposables and consumer healthcare with its wholesale and retail customers.

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