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Welcome to WinchPharma

We are a healthcare company. We aim to deliver growth and improving returns to shareholders through developing new and innovative ways to make staying healthy as easy, affordable and accessible, to as many people as possible.

WinchPharma has seen some significant developments throughout its operating life. We have bought and sold product businesses and have a solid track record of acquiring and retaining large, government clients.

In March 2017, Byotrol plc (a chemical company based in Chester) acquired our NHS healthcare division for £114,000. This business was one of our core competencies, and has demonstrated our capabilities in the public contracts arena. Having worked with the NHS for almost a decade, we have built resilient, defensible relationships with key, decision-making stakeholders, which allows us market entry with any product in relevant areas. In addition to this, we have formed long-standing relationships with some large private sector organisations such as YPO, Countrywide Healthcare Supplies, Betterware and Kleeneze, the largest education, care home and mail order distributors, respectively, in the United Kingdom.

Issued Share Capital

We have a number of investors and shareholders. Following on from seed investment early on, to the latest crowdfunding round in 2017, we have acquired a number of mixed investors.

WinchPharma currently has one class of share, Ordinary A. This means all shareholders receive annual dividend payments with applicable profits, as well as invites to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM). Each share is worth one vote when a shareholder vote is held on company matters.

The majority investors are detailed (as right). In total we have 42 shareholders; individual, institutional and corporate.




Performance, projections and strategy

We are a financially conscious organisation. Working with government departments and high-profile private sector companies, we are expected to operate within certain fiscal parameters that help us remain prudent and financially astute.

Over the next three financial years, we expect to grow our Shareholder Equity from circa £100,000 to circa £1m through a fluid, sustainable strategy which involves both customer acquisition, as well as gearing up for the sale of our clinical supplies business within said three years. In our third financial year, we aim to pay out a £100,000 dividend to shareholders. Our objective is to pay an annual dividend every year from year three, onwards.

To the left, Figure 1 shows our projections on both turnover (total sales) and gross profit (sales minus cost of sales) for the next three years. These turnover figures include all of our operations.

Fig. 1

Within 3 years, the company expects to give shareholders a 500% return on their original investment. That’s around £25 back for every £5 invested today.


Management Team

People remain our key asset. To get the best from our personnel, we have developed a strong mix of individuals from the financial, accounting, business and technology sectors; as well as a cross-section of young tenacity with older, seasoned experience. The business relies on this cross-disciplinary mix of skills.



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