• 17 JUN 17
    WinchPharma invests in 100% ‘green’ facility

    WinchPharma invests in 100% ‘green’ facility

    In mid-July 2017 WinchPharma will complete its purpose-built warehouse and offices powered by 100% renewable energy.

    WinchPharma is happy to announce the completion date for its new facility in the North. The warehouse and office space will be built with enough solar and wind renewable energy to meet the power needs of the whole site.

    A large, solar and a wind turbine system will provide a continued source of electricity, complemented by a large rain collection and purification system to meet all of the building’s water requirements.

    Nathan Winch, Chairman & CEO commented,

    We’ve outgrown our current space, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do our bit for the environment whilst facilitating further growth…

    Tom Maskill, Sales & Marketing Director said,

    Creating a 100% renewable office is not as costly or as impractical as I initially thought, if each business and each individual do their bit, however large or small that may be, then we’ll be well on our way to combatting climate change…

    He also added,

    This is all part of our ongoing environmental commitment. We look to work with suppliers that have strong environmental policies.

    The new facility, and the ensuing increase storage capacity, will allow the business to continue its expansion into the B2C sector, further utilising their consumer products brands and reaching out into the consumer space through online outlets and platforms.