One Ordinary (Class A) Share


Share purchase in WinchPharma Holdings Ltd, all rights of a normal, Class A shareholder applies to these shares. You will receive your share certificate once the funding round closes.

9397 shares available


As a company we value individuals and the end-user. We believe all our stakeholders should share in our continued success as a business. That’s why we are offering our first ever crowd-funded finance raising. We are offering dividend-yielding ordinary shares to the general public. Each individual share is being sold at £5.

Each time we issue a dividend (share of company profits) to shareholders, you will receive your proportionate share as either a BACs transfer or a cheque in the post to your nominated address. You will be invited to AGMs (annual general meetings) to vote on company matters where shareholders are required as part of the decision-making process. If the business is acquired in the future, the buyer will buy your share from you for the price at the time.

Please note as with any investment, the value of your investment can go up as well as down, and you may not get back the full amount you invested. Whilst we are a stable, profitable business, there is always a risk of loss with any investment.


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