• 03 JAN 16
    WinchPharma launches free educational videos

    WinchPharma launches free educational videos

    WinchPharma launches free, online educational video series on science and health.

    Last week WinchPharma announced the launch of its online channel dedicated to the production of unique, educational video content for use in schools as well as at home.

    The new channel, currently located on YouTube at WinchPharma: Science & Health – YouTube is used by thousands of viewers already, and is used by schools, colleges and universities because of its free online content available to everyone via YouTube.

    Nathan Winch, CEO at WinchPharma commented,

    “The main idea behind our video content was to provide our team with a tool to educate and increase exposure in the marketplace for our products and services. However, it grew quite quickly when one of our videos achieved well over 12,000 views on YouTube with a varied demographic audience. We then decided to launch it as a stand-alone project to help educate people on scientific and healthcare subjects.”

    Mark Thomas, voiceover artist and the narrator of the videos added,

    “Its a pleasure to work with WinchPharma on this project, providing free educational tools to just about everyone!”

    See below an example of the content in the latest video, ‘What is cancer? What causes cancer?’ which was recently uploaded, as well as ‘What is a virus? How do viruses work?’ which was the first video in the series and used by colleges, schools and universities as supplementary content for courses.