• 29 JUN 17
    WinchPharma releases shares to the public

    WinchPharma releases shares to the public

    Young entrepreneur is raising £60,000 via self-crowdfunding to build 100% carbon neutral office and warehouse space

    Tom Maskill (left) 20, an undergraduate at Warwick Business School, along with business partner Nathan Winch (right) 26, a graduate of University of Huddersfield in Molecular Biology, have launched a self crowdfunding campaign for their business WinchPharma in order to help facilitate growth and the construction of a 100% renewable energy powered office and warehouse facility. Tom became a director of the firm earlier this year after, at 19 years old, his products business was acquired by WinchPharma.

    Having decided against conventional means of crowdfunding, due to the high fees and long validation processes, the pair and their small team have launched the campaign this week on winchpharma.com aiming to raise £60,000.

    The office and warehouse, based in Yorkshire, will be powered entirely via solar panels, a small wind turbine, and utilise a rainwater collection and purification system for all water requirements. The duo hope to invest the funds in the renewable office, marketing and stock to help fulfil the growing orders they are inundated with.

    Nathan Winch, former FSB Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and founder commented,

    ‘We’ve outgrown our current space’, ‘so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do our bit for the environment whilst facilitating further growth’.

    Tom added,

    ‘Creating a 100% renewable energy office is not as costly or as impractical as I initially thought’, ‘if each business and each individual do their bit, however large or small that may be, then we’ll be well on our way to combatting climate change’.

    WinchPharma is a healthcare company with software, consumer products and clinical divisions operating in both the public and private sectors. Founded in 2010, WinchPharma sold part of its consumer healthcare division to Byotrol plc, a large chemical company based in Chester, in March 2017. Upon finishing university next year, Tom hopes to be able to work full time on the business alongside Nathan in the new facility. The crowdfunding has launched this week on winchpharma.com with shares priced at £5 with a total of 12,000 available at time of launch.